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XCharge® is a secure payment processing solution hosted on a PCI-compliant gateway to keep your application out of scope of the PCI Compliance Data Security Standards by eliminating local cardholder data storage. This brings your business additional peace of mind and our hosting ensures your version of XCharge is always current.

XCharge is free, regardless of how many users you have. Merchant account rates are competitive and specifically tailored to your processing profile requirements.

AccountMate and Accelerated Payment Technologies make credit card processing quick and easy and XCharge gives you fast authorizations and constant reliability.

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Next-generation payment technology solutions for businesses of all kinds

  • Search for Customers, Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Securely store Credit Card or Check Account information for Customers for 'card/check on file' use
  • Perform Credit Card or Electronic Check transactions against Sales Orders, Shipped Sales Order, Invoices, and Sales Return Invoice
  • No source code changes necessary, XCharge is compatible with AccountMate 7.0 & 8.0 and is simple to install and implement